How to sell import cars and become rich!! 1

How to sell import cars and become rich!!

Prado brand new

Prado brand new

Do you want to be rich?

Can you imagine you drive a car of your dream?

Do you want to drive a car with the newest number plate?

Why don’t you learn about importing cars?

>you can sell quality imported cars

>get customer satisfaction

>you can buy imported cars direct from Japan


MAXY Limited trains you free of charge!!


STEP 1 : What is import car?


Mr. MAXY「You should buy cars in JAPAN and import directly to yourself. This is the BEST WAY!!


Customer A「Why should I buy from stocks in Kenya?   If I import cars from Japan, I can’t wait for two months and  I can’t see the cars physically」


Mr. MAXY「Because direct imported car has much more benefits than local stock!!」


Customer A「What benefits are they?」


Mr. MAXYBenefit 1

Car cost is cheaper than local stocks.  If I have a big show room in Kenya, I have to top up the cost for rent, staff salary, risk of dead stock etc.」


Customer A「That’s right」


Mr. MAXYBenefit 2

You know what? I was told that most of the cars mileage are rewound in Mombasa」

「Do you want to drive a car of odometer 50,000km but its actual mileage is 250,000km?」


Customer A「Of course not!! But how do I understand real mileage?」


Mr. MAXY「We buy cars through Japanese auction and therefore we can show you the inspection sheet in Japan


Customer A「That’s good!!」


Mr. MAXY「In case of a car already imported in Kenya, we can’t understand whether the car had an accident in Japan or which place it had a problem」


Customer AThat is risky!!


Mr. MAXY「When we buy a car through Japanese auction, we can check if there is any part of the car that has a problem」


Customer A「Oh, I see. If I buy cars from Japanese auction, I can buy long lasting cars!!」


Mr. MAXYBenefit 3

You can buy the exact car you want because Japanese auction has more than 130,000 cars every week.」

「Once it arrives in Mombasa, you can get the newest number plate KCQ….」


Customer A「Definitely I want to buy a directly imported car!!」

「How to buy imported car?」


Mr. MAXYAsk MAXY Limited!!



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