How to sell import cars and become rich!! 3

How to sell import cars and become rich!!



Do you want to be rich?

Can you imagine you drive a car of your dream?

Do you want to drive a car with the newest number plate?

Why don’t you learn about importing cars?

>you can sell quality imported cars

>get customer satisfaction

>you can buy imported cars direct from Japan

MAXY Limited trains you free of charge!!


Step 3 How good is the service of MAXY?


Customer A「I now understand your price is very reasonable. What about your service?」


Mr. MAXY「Thank you sir. We have plenty of wonderful services!


Mr. MAXYOur service part 1

We use car carrier from Mombasa to Nairobi because our insurance can cover up to Nairobi」

「We had bad experiences to use driver」

「One day a driver had an accident. 」

「A driver drove with oil leaking and then engine had a problem」


Customer A「That is dangerous!! Car carrier is better!!


Mr. MAXYOur service part 2

After arriving Nairobi we check the car condition, change oil and oil filter at our partner garage」


Customer A「Oh, I don’t need to change oil before driving around 5,000km, do I?」


Mr. MAXY「Yes. You can save your money.


Mr. MAXYOur service part 3

We give you logbook within one month after registering your car」


Customer A「I was told it takes around 3 months. That is great!!」


Mr. MAXYOur quotation price includes these services


Customer A「Really?? I didn’t know that!! I think your price and service is perfect!!」


Mr. MAXY「Let’s contact to MAXY!!」



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